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Discover our specialty coffees of the month

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This remarkable coffee is sourced for us by Assembly Coffee, an independent London-based roaster. Assembly work closely with producers like Mio to bring unique specialty coffee to Europe. 

Mono Espresso 

Brazil - Mio Fazenda - Red honey

  • Producer — Ana Luiza Pellicar at Mio Fazenda

  • Region — Monte Santo de Minas

  • Process — Red Honey

  • Varietal(s) — Catucai

Mio is a leader in pioneering growing and processing techniques, working closely with government and university research teams. Their coffee is low in acidity, with a full body and smooth balance. Our Mono coffee presents flavors of milk chocolate and praline upfront, with a berry-like sweetness on the finish.

Renato Pellicer was born in 1939 in Fazenda Mio, Brazil. Today, his daughter Renata and her husband Carlos own the farm, with their daughter Ana Luiza representing Mio abroad. The farm is located in a micro-climate perfect for growing high-quality coffee and uses modern methods such as wet mills, raised beds, and ambient drying machines.


Espresso of the month

El Salvador — Finca El Salvador -
120 Hour Natural

  • Producer — Rodolfo Ruffatti at Finca El Salvador

  • Region — Santa Ana, western El Salvador  

  • Terroir — 1700 masl, temperate tropical climate

  • Process — Natural

  • Varietal(s) — Bourbon


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Ethiopia — Sidama G1 Bonora - Washed

  • Producer — Arbegona smallholders

  • Region — Arbegona Highlands, East Sidama Zone

  • Terroir — 1900 - 2200 masl, temperate tropical climate

  • Process — Washed

  • Varietal(s) — 74158

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Colombia - Nestor Lasso - Washed

  • Producer — Nestor Lasso at El Diviso

  • Region — Pitalito, Huila, southwestern Colombia

  • Terroir — 1750 masl, temperate tropical climate

  • Process — Washed

  • Varietal(s) — Bourbon Aji



Guatemala — Bosques de San Francisco

  • Producer — The Dalton family at Bosques de San Francisco

  • Region — Antigua, southern Guatemala

  • Terroir — 1600 masl, temperate climate

  • Process — Washed

  • Varietal(s) — Caturra

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