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Our Coffee

The finest and most distinctive beans from around the world

Our coffee is a testament to the dedication and expertise of those who grew, harvested, and roasted each and every bean. From the rolling hills of the world's finest coffee-growing regions to our baristas' carefully crafted brews, every sip is a journey that culminates in a rich, satisfying taste experience.

Coffee selection

To provide a clean and balanced cup, we only serve single origins, which are selected carefully. 

The selection of coffees, all roasted by London Assembly Coffee, change with the season, offering different taste notes, processing methods and / or varieties. 

Which can be tasted and bought at our bar.


Next to our coffees of the month we also have some exclusive coffees for filter and / or espresso, feel free to ask at our bar for more info about these. 

Our Brazil `Mono espresso`by Mio Fazenda is a fixed single origin that will stay throughout seasons. 

Sip, savor, and socialize

At Mono, we believe that every sip, every bite, and every moment spent in our cozy coffee bar should be a memorable experience. Our carefully crafted drinks, homemade pastries, and warm atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for savoring the little moments in life.


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